A Chicago modeling agency with international influence

Rune Model Management is a Chicago modeling agency dedicated to discovering amazing local talent with a distinctive look, an authentic story, and a bright modeling future. 

We’re an Illinois talent agency that casts a long shadow — with brand connections across the midwest market and entrée with premier international fashion agencies in every corner of the globe. Rune Models can help you establish your modeling presence, both locally and in major fashion capitals across the US, Europe, and Asia. 

At Rune Models, we have a unique and ambitious vision. We strive to offer Illinois models like you an intensely personalized approach to representation – one that is built around your career trajectory, your professional development and personal well-being. So if you’re a Chicago model eager to follow your own north star in the fashion industry, we’d love to help you find your way. 

Here’s how Rune Model Management can help

If you’re an Illinois model looking for vibrant new opportunities to expand your modeling career, choosing the right Chicago modeling agency to champion your cause is one of the most important professional decisions you’ll make. 

Here’s why Rune Model Management is a Chicago talent agency that can take you further:

  • We’ve built our business on respect: Our business is founded on the belief that respect and success go hand in hand. We’re not a talent agency that brings on a large volume of Chicago models and then leaves them to their own devices. We’ll help you build your career through every chapter of your modeling journey — starting with development, moving through booking and placement, and progressing to the steady support of long-term career management. In deciding to work with Rune Models you gain more than Illinois male modeling or Illinois female modeling work. You gain an insider’s insight into the industry combined with seasoned and compassionate support. 
  • Choose your own modeling adventure: There is no such thing as the generic Chicago model! As a Chicago modeling agency with connections across every corner of the fashion industry, we can help you define your own version of success and beauty. Our clients are involved in curve modeling abroad, fitness modeling in Chicago — and everything in between. We’ll work with you to build an individualized plan that grows out of who you are as a person every bit as much as your look and style. 
  • First step, a fashion agency in Chicago — next step, the world: Years of industry experience equips Rune Models to open many doors for you, not just with fantastic clients across the midwest market, but also with premier fashion modeling agencies in cities across the world. Why limit your options? We’re a Chicago modeling agency that can put you on the global fashion stage. 

Let’s talk about you!

Modeling is about personality. Whether your passion lies in curve modeling, fitness modeling in Chicago, or expressing your own unique look as an Illinois male model or Illinois female model, Rune Models understands that your uniqueness is your most valuable asset. We work with a diverse and ever-changing pool of Chicago models. Here are just some of the kinds of Illinois models we represent:

  • Athletes: From track-and-field to urban, we’ll help you find your fitness modeling groove in Chicago, the midwest, and the world over
  • Chicago male models: As you can see from our growing portfolio, we represent an eclectic line-up of male talent. Over a dozen new faces joined our talent agency in recent months
  • Female models: We work with a wide range of talented women, pursuing careers spanning fashion modeling, curve modeling, fitness modeling, and more.

Your first step toward making it happen

You needn’t physically come to our Chicago modeling agency offices to begin your journey with us. Take your first step by completing an online application, attaching four current photos preferably taken in natural light.

Our Illinois modeling talent selection team will review your materials to see if your look and our line-up of opportunities are a good fit. If they are, we’ll be in touch to set up a virtual interview. And of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact our Chicago talent agency directly on (937) 718-5392.

Chicago models, it’s your move

We hope you’ve learned a little bit more about us, and why we believe we’re a Chicago fashion agency perfectly positioned to help you blaze your own bright trail in the fashion industry.

  • If you’re a Chicago model with a truly exceptional portfolio and a look that breathes your own unique story…
  • If you’ve been searching for a talent agency near you that can support your career with individualized training, genuine respect for your well-being, and opportunities both near and far…
  • If you’re passionate about expressing what beauty means to you, whether in curve modeling, fitness modeling or as an Illinois male or female model with a rich and versatile portfolio…

Then Rune Model Management would love to learn more about you. 

Apply here, call us on (937) 718-5392, or drop our Chicago modeling agency office an email at [email protected]

It’s your move.